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Can Brainwave Entrainment Boost IQ?

There are various elements to success and intelligence is among the major ones. With higher IQ, you can do better in every sphere of life. The question is how to achieve it. Brainwave entrainment is not a new method designed to improve the mental and physical state and abilities of people. However, it has become more extensively used only recently. That is why many people want to know if it will work for increasing intelligence. Let’s find out.

Intelligence and the Factors Affecting It

Can Brainwave Entrainment Boost IQ?

What defines intelligence? It has to do with the person’s ability to understand and learn things, with logic and abstract thinking, with memory, creativity and the ability to solve problems. As you can see, there is a complex set of abilities and skills. It is extremely beneficial to improve all of them.

The more important question here is what determines a person’s level of intelligence. The natural attributes are fundamental, but they are not the only determinants. People who read a lot and do problems have higher IQ. The same is true for those participating in other activities that simulate brain activity and the main components of intelligence. The simplest example here is a board game like Scrabble. The physical condition of the person matters a lot more than previously thought. A recent study has shown that cardio exercises can help you with boosting your intelligence. The mental condition is also essential. People who are calm and can concentrate better can do better in anything including an IQ test.

How Brainwave Entrainment Works?

How Brainwave Entrainment Works

Which of the factors described above can brainwave entrainment improve? It is worth looking at the concept first. This method is all about tuning the brain to achieve a desired state of mind in a natural and safe way. This is achieved through the listening of special recordings with binaural beats and isochronic tones. These have specific frequencies. When you listen to them, the brain automatically tunes the waves that it produces to them. This takes you to a state of calmness and mental alertness at the same time. When you listen to the special recordings on a daily basis, you will notice a variety of improvements.

Fundamentally, brainwave entrainment helps to stay relaxed. This is crucial for intelligence. When you are free from stress and confusing emotions, you will do much better at any activity requiring logic, abstract thinking and creativity. This method is extremely helpful for achieving mental focus. You are able to set your mind only on the task at hand and ignore absolutely any distraction in the surrounding environment. With brainwave entrainment, you will also have greater physical and mental energy. These are also essential factors for intelligence.

Another benefit of the method is that it improves the blood flow to all organs of the body including the brain. This means that the brain cells get more oxygen and nutrients. As a result, the brain works better and the IQ is pumped up. With brainwave entrainment, you will also enjoy better sleep. This is essential for using your physical and mental capacity fully during the day. You will not feel drained even after long hours of problem solving.

Various research studies have shown that brainwave entrainment helps people to get higher scores in IQ tests. The method has been shown to be highly effective especially for people who do a lot of work requiring understanding, learning, logical thinking and creativity such as students. It is also extremely helpful for those who are under stress. Even people suffering from mental conditions and having lower than the average IQ have experienced improvement in intelligence after therapy based on this method.

Using the Brain Evolution System

Brain Evolution System

It is possible to find binaural beat recordings and to listen to them. You will most likely get some increase in intelligence, but it may not last long. This is because brainwave entrainment is an ongoing process. That is why it makes sense to use a comprehensive program designed especially for the purpose. The Brain Evolution System is designed to help you achieve high results and to keep them in the long term.

The system has six levels. For each level, there is a special recording that you need to listen to six times a week. As you can see, the program is extremely easy to follow even for the busiest people. The unique thing about the system is that it is based not only on binaural beats and isochronic tones, but on temporal brainwave entrainment as well. This enhances the effects of the binaural beats and isochronic tones and enables you to keep the positive results for much longer time.

The positive effects for intelligence from using the Brain Evolution System are experienced fairly quickly as long as you follow the program correctly. The list includes:

  • Quicker thinking – You do all kinds of mental activities from resolving problems to answering questions much faster.
  • Improved concentration and memory – You will not get easily distracted. You will remember the things that you see, read and write more easily.
  • Better learning capacity – You will be able to understand new concepts better and to gain new knowledge and skills with less effort and in less time.
  • Greater creativity – When you are calm and focused, it will be much easier for you to think out of the box. You will be more creative in everything which you do and this will certainly help you to become more successful.

In Conclusion

Any adult who is physically healthy can use the Brain Evolution System and benefit from it. If you have a medical condition and take medications, you should consult your doctor before using it. In general, the system is completely safe to use. In fact, the whole experience is quite pleasant since you will hear natural sounds with the recordings.

With the help of the system, you will boost your intelligence to a considerable extent and this will enable you to do better in all kinds of activities. It is great to have the power to achieve anything that you want.

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