Oct 23

Finally Controlling My Emotional Side with Brain Evolution System

You have certainly heard of the saying that your name reveals your character. This is certainly not true for me. My name is Valerie Edwards and my name means “strong”, but this is totally inapplicable to me. I am 32 and I have always been sensitive and emotional. This is something which has not helped me much over the years. Quite the opposite, it emerged as a major drawback when it came to work and relationships, in particular. That is why I started seeking a solution to my problem.

Brain Evolution System Testimonial - Valerie Edwards

I love books and work as an assistant in a publishing company. I also like talking to people and helping them. At the same time, I easily get hurt when people are not nice, talk behind my back to me or try to embarrass me. That is why I sometimes feel quite uncomfortable at the office and this makes it difficult for me to do my work well. My boss is quite understanding, but I have noticed that her patience is growing thin. My personal life has been badly affected by my sensitivity as well. Even though I am loving and caring, my past relationships failed. My last boyfriend told me that it was practically impossible for him to react adequately to my emotional outbursts and mood swings and this was too burdening.

The good thing was that I realized the problem. The bad thing was that I struggled with finding a solution. I tried acupuncture first, but it did not work for me. I started seeing a therapist, but it was very challenging for me to open up so to speak. Besides, I was not making much progress. I also found a support group online and this was the only thing keeping me up. One of the girls from the group shared that she had started using Brain Evolution System and she was already feeling stronger emotionally. This sparked my interest and I read about the program online. It was very different from everything else which I had tried and I decided to give it a go. I was naturally worried about the safety of brainwave entrainment so I talked to my therapist and she said that there was no harm in using it.

Brain Evolution System

One of the things which first impressed me about BrainEv is that it came with a guarantee. I also appreciated the guides and videos. They really made me feel at ease about starting the program. During the first few sessions with the MP3 recordings, I simply felt relaxed. The major benefit of the program during the first two months was that I became generally calmer especially at work. I did not feel that strong emotional stir when there was a difficult situation involving other people.

Then one day during the third month, I had a really bad argument with one of my coworkers. I would normally sob for a few hours after something like this, but this time around I seemed to be numb to the hurtful things which the other woman said. I could literally block the unpleasant things which she said. After the accident, I just went back to my work and did not lose my focus until the end of the workday. Of course, I cried a few tears when I was finally home, but I did not torture myself about the whole thing for days. This is when I realized that Brain Evolution System was working. I wish I could tell you what kind of trick I used to stay unaffected by the argument, but this is impossible. It just came from within me. This is what made me believe that there really was such thing as mind power.

Things kept getting better as I was going through the levels of the program. I liked the natural sounds which I was listening to and actually looked forward to the sessions. At the same time, I did not view BrainEv as an escape from daily life. Quite the opposite, I was more confident as well as relaxed. I started going out. I met a great guy, but I wanted to go out with him only after finishing the sixth and final level. On our first date, I was really in control of my thoughts and emotions. I was not analyzing every word and gesture. I was just having fun. Now I have a loving relationship with this man and we are getting along perfectly. My work is also going really well and I finally feel completely at ease at the office.

At the end of the day, Brain Evolution System really helped me to get where I wanted to be. I am still the same loving and caring girl. I just know how to manage my emotions and this had made me a much happier person. If you have the same problem that I had, I suggest using this program for overcoming it.

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