Oct 05

Reaching High Game Performance with Brain Evolution System

Everyone must fight for their dreams even when things get tough. My name is Davina Sutton and this is my motto. I have always wanted to play field hockey as all of the women in my family. I got training from my mom while I was a small kid. I was the youngest player to be chosen for my high school’s team as a midfielder and I was really doing more than well. I knew I had chances of getting a scholarship for a good college so I was working very hard. College coaches would come to see my play during my final year. This, however, was not as exciting as I had expected.

Brain Evolution System Testimonial - Davina Sutton

When I learned that some college coaches would evaluate my performance, I literally became another person. I could not focus on the game at all as I was worried what they would think about me. I started making some really stupid mistakes and started getting very angry at my teammates when they would not pass the ball well. I started working in the gym less often and this affected my shape even more. My coach said that I should see a shrink and I did.

Even though the shrink was nice, she did not help me much. In fact, I was getting worse. I was even at risk of losing my place on the team. When a friend of my mom’s who is a professional player heard my story, he immediately recommended Brainwave Evolution System. He said that it had helped him to reach his peak level and keep it. This happened during the summer before my final year in high school. Both me and my mom read a lot about the program. We even spoke to my doctor who said I could use it safely since I had already turned 18. After this meeting, my mom ordered the program and I began using it.

Brain Evolution System

I am an active person and it was very strange for me to sit in a chair and listen to an MP3 recording for relaxation. However, after the first session, I felt better almost immediately. As the weeks passed, the burden which I had was getting off my shoulders. I stopped thinking about my performance so much. I was a lot more relaxed and I was really enjoying the game. I am an athlete so it was not very difficult for me to keep the schedule of the BrainEv program. After all, it took me just half an hour every day. Besides, I really started liking the recordings. They sort of give you the background which you need to get rid of all the negative things which are really blocking your mind and body.

Since I am not a spiritual person at all, I was more than surprised with the effect which Brain Evolution System had on me. As I was progressing with the program, I noticed an improvement in my field hockey skills and this was even more impressive. I was much more focused than ever before. I could pinpoint the direction of the ball super fast. I had a very clear idea of the position of my teammates and the players from the rival team all the time. It seemed that my brain was functioning at a higher level. It was as if I had got superpowers. I got an ever higher number of successful passes and goals. I reached the peak of my performance even before completing the program. It was mid-season and I was at the top of my game.

The best thing about my whole experience with the BrainEv program is that I did not experience any worry when college coaches would come and watch me play. I felt completely confident and relaxed. I can safely say that I played some of the best games when they were around. My team was scoring one victory after another and this made me even happier. I do not know whether this was simply a coincidence or not, but I got the letter saying I was accepted into my preferred college with a field hockey scholarship on the day when I completed the advanced Level 7 of the program. This was one of the happiest moments of my life.

Now I am a college student and I am part of my school’s field hockey team. I have the motivation to work hard and I am doing even better with every passing game. I often go back to my favorite BrainEv recordings when I need to prepare mentally for an important game and they really help me. I am hoping that one day I will make it to the national team.

My opinion is that Brain Evolution System can help any athlete to improve his or her performance. It did a wonderful job for me and I can confidently recommend it. There are no side effects, but only positives.

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