Oct 26

Brain Evolution System Brought a Major Change in My Life

Once you realize that you have problems, you will certainly find a way to deal with them. My name is Daniel Hughes and I firmly believe in this after what has happened to me. I am 24 and I am a computer programmer. I had different things in my life that kept me from getting where I wanted to be. I want to share how everything changed for me in the hope that I can inspire other young people to do the same.

Brain Evolution System Testimonial - Daniel Hughes

After I had graduated from college, I wanted to get a job with a not so large, but really promising company that offered amazing opportunities for young programmers. I have always dreamed of driving innovation forward and this would have been the first step towards achieving this. The problem was that they had an IQ test as part of their applicant assessment and I was not good at all at these. Both my parents are members of Mensa and I have been encouraged to become one myself since a young age, but things just did not work out for me. I knew that I could not meet their expectations and this brought down my self-confidence.

I was in a very difficult situation and decided to do everything possible to boost my IQ test performance. I started doing practice tests and all kinds of exercises for brain power. I even went on a diet which included foods with more antioxidants and excluded ones with rich in sugar and fat. I managed to improve my test performance just a little bit, however, and I this was more than disappointing. Then one day I shared my problem with a fellow programmer and he recommended Brain Evolution System. He had used it for overcoming stress and for insomnia and he thought it could help me. He is a very down-to-earth guy and swore by this brainwave entrainment program so I decided to give it a try too.

Brain Evolution System

My plan was to keep doing all the things which were supposed to help me along with the Brain Evolution System. I started listening to the recordings with natural sounds every day and this did not feel strange at all. Initially, I had concerns that I would get headache or mood swings because of the brainwave entrainment, but nothing like this happened. The main improvement which I noticed after completing Level 1 was that I had more energy during the day with the same amount of sleep. I did a test as well to measure the impact of the program and I discovered that my score was 4% higher. This was more than promising given that I had not achieved any improvement beforehand.

With every following level, I kept getting ever higher IQ scores. I noticed that there was something different in the way in which I approached and solved the problems. In the first place, my attention had become much sharper. I could clearly see the small details which had escaped my attention before. It took me less time to rearrange the letters in a word to get another one. It was as if I had tapped into another area of my mind which was previously closed. I also noticed that my memory had got much better. I could remember how I had solved the same or similar problems in other tests and I applied what I had learned. I started using more varied approaches to answering the questions as well. It seemed that I was becoming more creative and this is something which I could not have ever imagined.

When I completed the Brain Evolution System program, I had already achieved high enough IQ score to impress my future employer. Since I wanted to be absolutely certain that I would do well at their test, I took the advanced Level 7 of the program as well. On the day of the test, I was not feeling nervous at all. I was not constantly asking myself if I would fail and disappoint my parents again. I was perfectly calm and in a good mood. When the test began, I could concentrate perfectly. There were no distracting thoughts in my head. I finished the test on time and I knew that I had achieved a high score. Surprisingly or not, it was the highest one out of the whole applicant pool which consisted of a considerable number of smart people. Naturally, I got my dream job and now I am truly happy. I even improved my relationship with my parents as the emotional burden which had been bringing me down was gone.

What I want to say is that Brain Evolution System can help you exploit more of the potential of your brain. It did this for me and I am sure that it will do this for any other person. If you want to do all sorts of activities, which require thinking, much better, this is the ideal tool for you.

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