Oct 11

I Reached My Goal with Brain Evolution System

Ever since I was a little girl, I had one dream – to become a medical doctor and to cure ill people. My name is Anna Robinson and I want to share how I got to where I am now. During my years at high school, I took the most difficult science subjects and math and studied really hard. I managed to get accepted into one of the best colleges in the country and even received scholarship. At this point, however, things started getting tough for me.

Brain Evolution System Testimonial - Anna Robinson

College turned out to be a lot different than high school. The homework was a lot more and everything was much more difficult, of course. At the same time, I found a group of amazing friends and really wanted to party. I was getting pretty exhausted with studying. Since I was trying to have fun too, I got really little sleep. It was getting harder and harder for me to memorize everything which I had to learn. I started getting lower grades than usual. The worst part was that I could not get out of this vicious circle and I was sinking deeper every day.

My counselor was very supportive and gave me lots of practical tips on how to deal with the problem. I did what was required, but this did not bring much improvement. I was having the same difficulties as before. I just felt that I did not have the willpower to go on and I saw my goal of going to medical school slipping away. I shared my problem with a friend who was already studying medicine and he recommended Brain Evolution System. This was a very unconventional solution to say the least, especially when it was suggested by a future doctor. I was not thrilled about it, but after I read more about brainwave entrainment and the program itself, I decided to give it a try.

Brain Evolution System

From a customer’s point of view, I was impressed with the fact that I received everything as promised. This gave me confidence that the people behind BrainEv really stood by their product. I was very nervous when I started the program and the first few sessions did not go very well as I was constantly stopping the recording. I shared my experience at the support forum and got plenty of encouragement from people who had been in my position. This really gave me confidence to try again. This time around I found a private corner in the library and a comfortable chair and I listened to the whole recording until the end. I was strangely refreshed. I started doing my homework right after this and my thought was flowing without any kind of interruption. I was ready much more quickly than I could have imagined and this was amazing.

As I kept listening to the MP3 recordings six time every week, things became a lot better. I noticed that my progress with Brain Evolution System was quite quick yet steady at the same time. This is what motivated to me to keep going. I could focus perfectly in class and while I was studying and writing papers. The higher concentration helped me to do everything much more quickly. I have always been smart so to speak, but I really felt that my brain was working better than before. I could remember even complex concepts more easily. I started to solve my math problems more quickly. I was using more of my mental potential so to speak. This resulted in the improvement of my grades. Another huge benefit was that I got really good night’s sleep. Even though I rarely slept for eight hours, I was full of energy and positive emotions when I woke up in the morning. With my higher studying efficiency, I could afford to spend a great deal of time partying with my friends too.

When I finished the Brain Evolution System program including Level 7, I felt like a completely different person. I was finally in control of my life. I had the highest GPA in my class and lots of amazing friends and a fantastic boyfriend too. I had really achieved the work-life balance that so many people aim for. The best part was that I got admitted to the medical school which I wanted to go to. I do not know why brainwave entrainment has not become part of medical treatments especially when there are such advanced and effective programs like this one. I believe that it has a lot of potential to help people who suffer from different conditions and not only those who go through a difficult stage in their life. That is why I decided to specialize in neurology.

What is my verdict? I have already recommended Brain Evolution System to all of my friends and they are more than happy with the results. I think that it can help practically any person.

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